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Party ’round my neck, Part 1.

There’s nothing better than updating your outfit with a few accessories, as you may have gathered from my previous posts, I happen to be having a ‘rainbows and unicorns’ love affair with my suburb.  Gone are the days of standing in an overcrowded Westfield trying to get to your favourite store via screaming 3 year old chucking a tanty in the food court and the snooty high schoolers making out in front of Big W.  I feel extremely blessed to be within seconds of James Street and have sternly advised my husband that he just has to keep earning more money in order to avoid exile to the outskirts of the city once I’m up the duff. Please Lord, let me never leave this sanctuary of great coffee and gorgeous shops! Speaking of which, all the accessories featured in this fashion series are all James Street Precinct-ers, I guarantee that if you do visit – you will be hooked to their inspiring goodies.

In this series I have styled a simple Bassike tee, Arizona pleat skirt from General Pants and last season’s RMK Dakota thigh highs with the lovely wares of Alexis Dawn, Melange Boutique and Mediterranean Living.  Be sure to check each of these stores out!

Part 1 look:

Holst + Lee rope necklace from Alexis Dawn

Turkish Suzani clutch from Mediterranean Living

Photography by the lovely Prue Pettett 

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Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour….

” The creative options with sugar are endless. I can caramelize it, bake it, whip it, stretch it. The results are always something that make people happy.”  Gena Karpf,  Sweetness.

I recently had the honour of meeting Gena at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival. This incredible woman was so passionate about her products. Her words of wisdom, like sugar itself, made you just want to go back for more.

It’s no doubt that I’m not the only one who thinks Gena is pretty rad, in fact in 2011 her addictive Macadamia shortbread was a finalist in the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards.

This year is no different, Gena has come out guns a blazin’ with her gourmet flavoured ‘mallows, English toffee and (my personal favourite) Candied Oranges dipped in chocolate.

I was lucky enough to take home some goodies from her stall, including this ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ chocolate flavoured mallow. Yes. Chocolate! Perfect with a cup of spearmint tea or (if you are feeling creative) a killer ingredient to bake with…choc chip and choc mallow cookies anyone?

Check out all the sweetness here > http://www.sweetness.com.au/

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Fiesta fever!

I recently popped into Camilla’s new Brisbane boutique, which is oh so too conveniently located walking distance from home and I was completely MESMERIZED by the decor and the new AW12 collection.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Camilla at Marie Claire’s James St Up Late, she was the most humble/energetic/passionate and hard working woman I have ever met. Since when do you see a big shot designer working the till like pro? I was IM-PRESSED!!! As I was with the changeroom decor…wait…did I mention the changeroom decor? Haha.

PS: Click on the thumbnails for a lil gallery action.

Camilla’s dreamy new collection can be salivated over here – view at your own risk!!!

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