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From Tartufo, with love…

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I know for a fact that any words describing my incredible experience at Tartufo would not suffice.  From the fresh warm interior-crusty exterior bread served to us immediately upon entering the gorgeous Roman-esque interior to the ‘Start planning my funeral, I’m happy to die here’ mini calzones with fresh sugo – this place, my friends, is one of a kind.

The generous, hard working, passionate and super friendly Tony Percuoco is the proud owner of this establishment, and judging from my 3 hour degustation of bliss I believe he has single handidly put Tartufo as Brisbane’s number 1 must visit Italian restaurant. Tony’s passion for food and art are visible in every corner of this sophisticated establishment, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

When it comes to Italian food, both my mother and I are what you would call A-grade snobs. Rightly so, as every dish for us isn’t just a food slapped on a plate  – but a memory or a connection to our time back in Italy.

Mama and me, somewhere in southern Italy

This is where I think Tartufo differs from all the other Italian restaurants, the dishes are simple yet stylish. They are more than adequate representations of what a typical Italian family would feast around on a special occasion: like the end of a week, the day after Nonna bought 50kgs on special or your distant cousin’s 42nd birthday – you know the drill, right?

Mum and I were recommended to have the nine course degustation, and by the end of it I thought I was going to slip into a fully satisfied food coma. It was one of the best meals of my life – sorry Nonna! (I may regret saying that, if you haven’t heard from me in a while – safe to say Nonna just found out her tiramisu has been trumped!)

It’s really difficult to narrow down the highlights…especially since Tartufo prides itself on excellent customer service (the non-Italian waiters even take the time to practice the correct pronunciation of dishes! Very impressed!) a childhood favourite, the Vitello Tonnato was definitely a standout as were the gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth mini calzones with home made sugo. Incredible.

A few glasses of immaculate vinos and half a glass of Sicilian dessert wine later…I can still remember how each dish tasted, THAT my friends, is not only an achievement in itself, BUT a sure sign of an amazing experience.

To book your Italian ‘experience’ complete with hilarious jokes, lovely family-like staff and a good drop of Italian red visit  your life will never be the same!

Buon Appetito!

x Juju

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How bazaar.

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It pays to stroll your local ‘hood, in fact…on a beautiful Autumn day I did just that.  ‘Twas on this stroll that I walked past a lil boutique in Newstead, filled with gorgeous homewares, lamps, furniture and other lovely things from distant and exotic lands. A gorgeous fresh-faced Alison greeted me as soon as I walked in to the shop (cue flamenco guitar music) and I was instantly drawn to her passion for all things beautiful and all things Mediterranean.  Most of Alison’s wares come from Turkey and Spain, she is extremely knowledgeable in the techniques used in the dying, stitching and embroidery process.  So why not pop in and have a chat?

These are just some of the lovely things I came across (and I still find myself daydreaming about that incredible clutch!)

Check out Mediterranean Living, Shop 2 29 Chester Street, Newstead or visit them on good ole FB here

Show me your buns!!

What’s better than soft, fluffy tasty buns with delicious fillings? Soft, fluffy tasty buns on wheels!!! Yes. You heard right, buns are running this town Jay Z style.

The cool kids from ‘The Bun Mobile’ (TBM) are satisfying bun cravings all around Brisbane and if you stalk them like a pro as I do on a daily, you may find them at a feeding spot near you.

Follow their tracks on Facebook here and tuck into daily specials such as their ‘Sous Vide Pork Belly’ bun or ‘Confit Duck Caesar’ bun.

Note:  TBM’s ‘Caramel Banana with salted Peanut Praline’ bun is sure to send you hyperventilating like a mama in labour – complete with tears of joy at the end.

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I want to live on Luke Avenue

For those who don’t do breakfast, don’t worry…I won’t tell, for those of you that would like to do breakfast but have the morning mental capacity of a shoelace – I have a treat!!! Luke Avenue’s giant muesli cookies. Not only are they delish, but…actually who cares? They are DELISH and who wouldn’t want breakfast in giant cookie form? Heck, why hasn’t anyone invented dinner cookies? Ugh. Society, you are muchos dissapointing.

For more info on how to order give the lovely Egyptian Princess Maddie a shout on her website

What a great business philosophy! Wouldn’t you agree?

x Juju

Spring fever @ Sourced

Happy spring errbody.

While going for a walk through my neighbourhood I stumbled across Sourced Grocer, a beautiful grocer slash cafe.  All the staff are absolutely lovely and it just has this great foodie community atmosphere.  In addition, any place that makes me wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning is worth writing about!!!

The name, Sourced Grocer. The place, Florence St Teneriffe. The goods, fresh and local – that’s how we do.

I bought a whole heap of veges and some gourmet mushies for under $20.

Check their soon to be launched website here >

The highlight for me was the amazing mushrooms, so so tasty! I made a chicken fettucine dish (although it would have tasted so much better with fresh pasta but Nonna was too busy having a social life! Lucky her!)

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For all you cheesy lovers….(a week late I know…)

It’s been a week since Valentine’s day and I’m still full. I didn’t have any plans for Vday, but of course my lovely husband did…we had wonderful 6 course meal (no joke, six) at the AMAZING Fellini restaurant on the Gold Coast (check them out here) and to this day it was by far the best meal of my life. Which says a lot.

 This is why I am posting about it a week later, and also I’ve been super lazy…possibly due to the self-induced food coma I endured after eating Fellini’s homemade pasta and stuffed chicken breasts with imported prosciutto. I can still hear the sweet sound of my arteries blocking, by golly it was worth every bite.  Which brings me to my point…I’ll be posting up my version of stuffed chicken breasts this week, along with a few salad ideas.

Stay tuned lovers… x

Chalk love.

Obviously it’s been a wee quiet at the Casa de Mawande lately, it could be because of the glorious rain we’ve been receiving…but as you know with rain comes inspiration and with inspiration comes online shopping.  I’ve been wanting a sweet chalkboard for my kitchen but just haven’t been able to find the right one…this little cutie from Etsy is pretty sweet, there are also heaps of other cute things from this store, as for me, I’m back to online window shopping…and quite possibly some baking. More on that later!

Hola muchachita!

There are two types of people in this world, those who bake cupcakes and those who eat cupcakes. I unfortunately fall in the latter category.  However those who are blessed with a frosted thumb, bake themselves silly into a cupcake trance. Fortunately the lovely Kiara falls under this category, and it’s not everyday that you meet someone with talent enough to invent recipes based on nostalgic flavour combos like ‘Peaches and Cream’….check out her goodies on her website and be sure that more info on her wonderful work will be out soon!