From Tartufo, with love…

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I know for a fact that any words describing my incredible experience at Tartufo would not suffice.  From the fresh warm interior-crusty exterior bread served to us immediately upon entering the gorgeous Roman-esque interior to the ‘Start planning my funeral, I’m happy to die here’ mini calzones with fresh sugo – this place, my friends, is one of a kind.

The generous, hard working, passionate and super friendly Tony Percuoco is the proud owner of this establishment, and judging from my 3 hour degustation of bliss I believe he has single handidly put Tartufo as Brisbane’s number 1 must visit Italian restaurant. Tony’s passion for food and art are visible in every corner of this sophisticated establishment, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

When it comes to Italian food, both my mother and I are what you would call A-grade snobs. Rightly so, as every dish for us isn’t just a food slapped on a plate  – but a memory or a connection to our time back in Italy.

Mama and me, somewhere in southern Italy

This is where I think Tartufo differs from all the other Italian restaurants, the dishes are simple yet stylish. They are more than adequate representations of what a typical Italian family would feast around on a special occasion: like the end of a week, the day after Nonna bought 50kgs on special or your distant cousin’s 42nd birthday – you know the drill, right?

Mum and I were recommended to have the nine course degustation, and by the end of it I thought I was going to slip into a fully satisfied food coma. It was one of the best meals of my life – sorry Nonna! (I may regret saying that, if you haven’t heard from me in a while – safe to say Nonna just found out her tiramisu has been trumped!)

It’s really difficult to narrow down the highlights…especially since Tartufo prides itself on excellent customer service (the non-Italian waiters even take the time to practice the correct pronunciation of dishes! Very impressed!) a childhood favourite, the Vitello Tonnato was definitely a standout as were the gorgeous melt-in-your-mouth mini calzones with home made sugo. Incredible.

A few glasses of immaculate vinos and half a glass of Sicilian dessert wine later…I can still remember how each dish tasted, THAT my friends, is not only an achievement in itself, BUT a sure sign of an amazing experience.

To book your Italian ‘experience’ complete with hilarious jokes, lovely family-like staff and a good drop of Italian red visit  your life will never be the same!

Buon Appetito!

x Juju

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2 thoughts on “From Tartufo, with love…

  1. Anneke says:

    I am drooling reading this… have to drop a few hints to get old Rhysie to take me there next date night…

  2. Loved your review Jules. Not only is it very informative and interesting, I am now salivating all over my laptop keyboard 🙂 Fingers crossed this little treasure is still around when I return from my travels. (PS I am going to be in Italy in 2 months time!!! Salute :p)

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