Show me your buns!!

What’s better than soft, fluffy tasty buns with delicious fillings? Soft, fluffy tasty buns on wheels!!! Yes. You heard right, buns are running this town Jay Z style.

The cool kids from ‘The Bun Mobile’ (TBM) are satisfying bun cravings all around Brisbane and if you stalk them like a pro as I do on a daily, you may find them at a feeding spot near you.

Follow their tracks on Facebook here and tuck into daily specials such as their ‘Sous Vide Pork Belly’ bun or ‘Confit Duck Caesar’ bun.

Note:  TBM’s ‘Caramel Banana with salted Peanut Praline’ bun is sure to send you hyperventilating like a mama in labour – complete with tears of joy at the end.

Bun Mobile on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Show me your buns!!

  1. Chec del Mundo says:

    Thanks for blogging TBM. I’ve heard about them, but never got around to finding out how it works and where it goes. Now I know, thanks Juju!

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