It ain’t easy being green, when you are so damn delicious!

This weekend we shared a little food love with some of our hero friends, Becky and Aaron at the Casa de Mawande.  I wanted to make a classic roast chicken with a twist, after flicking through some recipes I came across Sir Jamie Oliver’s (he totally should be knighted by now) Salsa Verde which is Italian for Green Sauce.  I told my mamma that I was making it from Sir Oliver’s recipe and she laughed at me, I guess it would be the equivalent of looking up how to make Vegemite toast from a Donna Hay book.  But whatever…it tasted delish! The beauty of this sauce is that it goes AH-MAH-ZING with ANY roast meat, and if you have any leftovers the next day it makes for a mean gourmet breakfast for someone you want to share a bit of food lovin with. 

Salsa Verde

• 1 small handful of capers
• 1 small handful of gherkins pickled in sweet vinegar
• 1½–2 cloves of garlic, peeled
• 2 large handfuls of flat-leaf parsley, leaves picked
• 1 bunch of fresh basil, leaves picked
• 1 handful of fresh mint, leaves picked
• 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
• 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
• 8 tablespoons really good extra virgin olive oil
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Finely chop (or chuck in a mixer)the garlic, capers, gherkins, and herbs and put them into a bowl. Add the mustard and vinegar, then slowly stir in the olive oil until you achieve the right consistency. Balance the flavours with freshly ground black pepper, a bit of salt and maybe a little more vinegar.

Sunday Breakfast to impress
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Mushrooms
  • Salsa Verde (leftover)
  • Balsamic-roasted vine tomatoes

In an oven proof dish, place tomatoes (with vine still attached) with olive oil and a good pinch of salt in the oven at about 180 degrees, monitor them until skin bursts (that’s when you know they are cooked through). Take them out of the oven and while still hot, splash a bit of balsamic vinegar – be careful not to drown them, just a good splash will do. Cook your eggs to your liking, for poached eggs make sure you use white vinegar in your boiling water (and egg rings to keep them in a neat shape!). Drain and put to the side covering with a paper towel, cook bacon and mushrooms in same pan (if the mushrooms are looking dismal and dry add a wee bit of olive oil). Plate up with salsa verde, add cracked pepper to eggs and mushrooms and a slice of grainy toast. Good mornin’!


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